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There are many reasons why your blog should look professional. An obvious reason is if you want to work with brands and have other opportunities. Having a professional looking blog can definitely increase your chances of getting to work with the brands you love! For some of you, maybe you’re not interested in working with brands and you just want your blog to look a little smarter. Personally, whether you are blogging to make an income or just as a hobby, I would rather read a blog that looks professional, as to me it looks like the authors have put effort into their work.

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Here’s a few simple hints and tips to professionalising your blog.


Consistency is key in all aspects of blogging; most definitely in the way that your blog looks.  Ensure that your fonts are the same sizes, you’re using the same few fonts, same colours etc. The more uniformed your blog is, the more professional it looks. If you visited a page and the font sizes were completely different, there were 20 different colours and the fonts varied every few posts, would you stay on that blog? I wouldn’t. Just ensure that you are consistent throughout your entire blog. It really does make a difference.


One word. Logo. If you have your own logo, doesn’t have to be anything special, it adds to the professionalism of your blog. You can place your logo on your post thumbnails, pinnable images and maybe even add it to the end of your blog posts. Personally, I have a little logo that I mocked up and I use every now and then but as my main source of branding, i watermark my content with my font logo.


These aren’t anything special. However, by me adding them to my content, it brands that content as mine, which looks professional.


This is something that I have recently learned myself and to be honest, I’m still learning it! Having headings and subheadings make your blog much easier to read. It makes it easier for the reader to understand what they are reading and find certain things within a post. I have only recently started doing this and it has honestly already made such a huge difference. If you’re writing a list, use bullet points, use numbers, all these factors add up to making your blog look that little bit more smarter.


It’s a little ironic that I’m adding this in because my grammar sucks. However, I am learning. The more I write the better I will get so just bear with me for now! It does make your blog look more professional though. Seeing consistent spelling mistakes and having to read a sentence over again to understand it will put your readers off. There is a spellcheck feature in WordPress but to be honest, it’s not very reliable. I recommend Grammarly as it spots mistakes consistently. This isn’t a spon, I just like the feature.


Using calls to action is a good way of professionalising your blog and getting your readers to return. Are you leaving links to previous blog posts? Or links to your social channels? These are all things that professionalise your blog as it allows your readers to connect with you and read other posts on your blog. Try it! I can guarantee you’ll see a difference.


This is another key factor to a professional blog. Is your blog optimised to work on all devices? If not, maybe that’s something you should consider! I know that WordPress does it automatically but some platforms may not. Just have a check because it makes a difference. I know that I read a lot of blog posts on my phone rather than my computer and it is much easier to read when it’s optimised to work on my device. It’s such a simple thing that makes a big difference.


Even something as simple as categorising blog posts makes your blog look more professional! It also adds to the accessibility of your blog too as it allows readers to easily find content. Another simple yet important factor to consider!


Ensure that all of your pages are up to date and include everything that is needed. Make sure that there’s no default text anywhere as this looks really unprofessional. The same with widgets. Make sure that you are making full use of the widgets on your site.



Thanks for reading and I hope this post will help you professionalise your blog!

Let me know in the comments if there are any other factors that you think makes a blog look professional.

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36 thoughts on “HOW TO PROFESSIONALISE YOUR BLOG // 024”

    1. You’ll smash it! Little things like these can just make your blog look that little better! Every little helps too! Good luck this year

    1. Thank you! It’s a good starting point to getting your blog ready for things such as working with brands!

  1. ooo I use Grammarly for my uni essays I have never thought about using it for blog posts before so you have just given me an idea!! I know what you mean about writing formats, I hate reading long paragraphs without little headings so I try to include headings myself.

    1. Yeah, honestly i have the chrome extension and it’s a life saver! much more reliable than wordpress spellchecker i’d say! and yeah i love knowing what i’m reading and if i want to refer back to something, i can easily find it!

  2. Hi, these are some very valid pints. I am finally getting round to having a logo. Having a clear page certainly makes it more user friendly blog. I think you learn as you go.

    1. Definitely! You could be a blogger for 5 years and i’d say you’d still be learning something new everyday! Endless learning possibilities in the blogging world!

  3. Spelling and grammar are defo super important! and not being an english native makes is super tricky! consistency and branding are key too! xx corinne

    1. I suck at my grammar but i’ll get there eventually! I can imagine that can be quite difficult at times but the time will come when it’ll be a breeze for you! Thanks Corinne!

    1. I agree, having a logo distinguishes your content from another bloggers content, especially when it can be very similar! Thanks Olivia! x

    1. omg me too! It’s really bad i need to stop but i speak it in my head and quickly type it out 😂 Thanks guys!

  4. Great tips! Surprisingly, I still don’t have a logo for my blog, should probably do that soon haha! And consistency is definitely key, also I always appreciate when bloggers using headings and subheadings in their posts, just makes it so much easier to read! x

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