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I am the kind of person who would rather spend his money on things other than expensive items of clothing. I’m quite happy wish shopping at the likes of TOPMAN, H&M, River Island, New Look and online stores like Boohoo and ASOS. I can never justify spending more than, I’d say, £40 on a t-shirt. I just can’t bring myself to do it. However, there are a few luxury items that I am after and will hopefully save enough money specifically for them. That way i can justify it!

Here is my 2018 Luxury Wishlist:


Louis Vuitton – Josh Backpack (£1,195.00)

This is probably the most beautiful backpack I have ever seen! I love the colours black and blue together and it just works so well with this design! A bit pricey for a bag but definitely worth it!


louis-vuitton-josh-damier-graphite-canvas-travel--N42413_PM2_Front view.jpg

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Gucci – Ace Embroidered Sneaker (Snakes) (£495)

I would say that these sneakers are reasonably priced for Gucci. Obviously, Gucci is a high-end brand so I’d definitely say £500 is a fair amount! They are such nice looking shoes. So simple yet so elegant.


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Gucci – Logo Hoodie (£870)

If you know me personally, you will know that I am a big hoodie person. I live in hoodies, they are just so comfortable. This hoodie caught my eye the first time I saw it in Flannels. One of my friends owns the t-shirt version in white which is very nice! However, there’s something about the logo on the black that I love. Maybe it’s just because 98% of my wardrobe is black. Typical.


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Off White – Classic Industrial Belt (£143)

Okay, I have a thing for industrial belts. I REALLY want an Off White industrial belt in either grey or blue. They just look so cool and unique. I don’t know what it is about them but I’m in love.



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Giuseppe Zanotti – Low Top Leather Sneakers (£485)

I have been obsessed with these sneakers for the longest time now. They are so smart and I am obsessed with the zip/gold detailing. Again, I think £500 is a reasonable price for high-end sneakers.


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That concludes my ‘Luxury Wishlist’, There aren’t many items that I want but these are just too nice not to have on my wishlist!

Let me know what’s on your ‘Luxury Wishlist’ in the comments below!



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