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Most people plan their posts way ahead of time and are super organised and have their posts written and scheduled… Most people meaning almost everyone but me.

I sit and write my blog posts about 5 minutes before they’re usually due to go up. My first 2 blogtober posts have been late night posts due to me being extremerly busy but i am hopefully going to start uploading at 7pm every night.

Now i usually rush to write my blog posts, which is why the majority lack originality and excitement! I usually tend to start off on pinterest and google to look for blog post inspiration. The amount of times i have googled ‘blog post ideas’ is ridiculous but sometimes it’s just so difficult to be creative!

Once i have found a decent enough idea in which i can transform into my own style(kinda), i quickly begin to plan what i am going to write about. Usually this comes in the form of a list. So for example, for this post i had:

  • Where i find inspiration
  • How i plan

and so on.

This helps me to work out exactly what i am going to talk about and in which order i will talk about it.

I then think of the blog post title and start my first draft. Once the draft i created, i begin designing my thumbnail. Sometimes i like to be a little extra and spend ages designing and other times i spend 5 minutes on a minimal, sleek-looking design.

I then just write the post and make any changes and interpret my ideas as i go along. Once i have successfully written my post i will then usually sort out the post settings such as, what time the post will be published, which category it will go under, adding tags to the post and generally getting it ready to be published.

As soon as everything is sorted that is when i read over the post to check for any spelling mistakes. I may often make spelling mistakes but i’m sure i’m not alone and most bloggers do too.

Once published and up on my blog, i like to share my post on my social channels to get it across to people who don’t follow my blog. I really recommend sharing posts on pinterest, especially if it is a ‘hints and tips’ or a ‘ how to’ post!

Let me know if your post writing process is similar!



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