In the title it says ‘being grateful this Christmas’ but I believe that being grateful is something that should be practiced all year round. I just wanted to write a short post about being grateful and being appreciative because I feel like as humans, we sometimes forget to be grateful and we do sometimes forget to be appreciative. The idea for this post sparked when I was scrolling down my twitter feed and I came across a video of a hospital in Aleppo.

If you’ve been living under a rock and you’re not too sure what’s happening in Aleppo, there is a civil war taking place between the Syrian government and rebels. Aleppo became a battle ground in the spring of 2012 and ever since then there has been non-stop fighting and chaos. It is genuinely awful to see these videos and news articles of all these innocent people that are suffering and are in so much distress. I saw a video of a boy, younger than me I’d say, around 15 years old, crying whilst holding his 1 month old brother because his parents were killed so he had to take over the role of his father. It’s heart breaking. Please if you’re reading this post, make sure to tell your parents, siblings, family members and friends that you love them and that you appreciate them because some people don’t have the opportunity to do so. Make sure that they know they’re appreciated. Make sure they know that you’re grateful for them. Please think of the people in Aleppo and keep them in your prayers.

There’s not much we can do, however there are still ways that we can contribute.

Use the hashtag #SaveAleppo

Now I know many people frown upon using hashtags and believe it’s a “waste of time” but it really isn’t. Social media is powerful and you never know what great things could come out of spreading awareness. If you see this post please tweet the hashtag, spread awareness and give people a knowledge of what is happening in Aleppo.

To find out more about how you can contribute to #SaveAleppo:

If you don’t get the gifts you wanted or if you don’t have the best Christmas, just know that other people have it much worse than we do and we need to stop taking things for advantage and really start appreciating things more.

Sorry for the short post but I really wanted to write about this in hopes that you, who’s reading this, now knows a little bit more about Aleppo and is a little bit more grateful and appreciative.


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18 thoughts on “BEING GRATEFUL THIS CHRISTMAS // 006”

  1. I love this. It’s honestly heartbreaking seeing whats happening in Aleppo! Just have to pray everyday for the world to become a better place and I honestly hope God grants all those who’ve lost so much better wherever they are. Such a thoughtful post! x

    1. sometimes we all just take things for granted and we need to realise that there are many people that are much worse off than us. thank you for your comment!

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