If you’re reading this then you’re probably struggling with ideas for what to buy a teenage boy for Christmas. It is actually really understandable that people struggle to buy teenage boys gifts. I mean, what do you get someone that already has everything? Hopefully this post will give you a few ideas and help you out this Christmas season!

DISCLAIMER // the following gift ideas may not be suited to everybody’s taste but being a teenage boy myself, these are the gifts that i’d like to receive. some of these items will be affordable and some are more on the expensive side.

1// Socks

Yes, believe it or not, socks are a good gift to buy a teenage boy. But don’t just go and buy any old socks, find out the persons favourite brand and then buy them socks from that brand. Socks may not be the most exciting present but if the person is into their branded underwear, then they’ll be happy with this gift. Here are a few brand ideas:

  • Nike
  • Adidas
  • Calvin Klein
  • Tommy Hilfiger
  • Jack Wills
  • Hollister
  • Abercrombie & Fitch
  • Vans

2// Cologne

You can’t go wrong with buying someone their favourite bottle of cologne. Personally, i love receiving cologne for Christmas because i use it so frequently that i always end up running out really fast. All boys love to smell nice, trust me. Here are a few cologne ideas:

  • Zara – Seoul
  • Hollister – SoCal
  • Paco Robanne – 1 Million
  • Ariana Grande – Frankie
  • Chanel – Bleu De Chanel
  • Emporio Armani – Diamonds Rocks

3// Polaroid Camera

Polaroid cameras are so dope. I’m getting one for Christmas this year and I’ve already had a little play around with it. It’s so retro but so cool at the same time. It’s also such a good way to capture memories, like yeah you can just whip out your phone and take a picture but taking a Polaroid is a much more intimate way or creating that memory. I can’t really describe it but once the film is developed you have something physical to look at, whereas  when you take a picture on your phone, its all digital and less unique. The only drawback of Polaroids is the price of the film. The price of the film is pretty extortionate for what it actually is. I picked my up my Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 from Argos for only £64.99.

4// Phone Accessories

There are actually some really cool phone accessories out there that a teenage boy would like. If they’re into photography, clip on lenses is a good gift. I recently picked up some iPhone lenses and now i use them so frequently that i don’t take them out of my bag. Also you could get things such as tripods etc. A phone case is always a good bet too. Maybe a personalised one with the persons favourite memories on or their favourite artist.

5//Gift Cards

Now, i know you’re thinking “gift cards? how boring!” but actually gift cards can be a really good gift. Gift cards are a really good gift if you are really struggling and have no idea what to buy the person. Getting the person a gift card for their favourite store/brand gives them the freedom to get whatever they want and also saves them from the awkwardness of pretending to like the awful t-shirt you could’ve bought them. A few gift card ideas are:

  • ASOS
  • Topman
  • Urban Outfitters
  • JD
  • Footasylum
  • H&M
  • Superdry

6// Toys

Still at 18 years old, i love opening toys on Christmas day and by toys i mean RC toys. Last year i got an RC Jack Wills jeep and it was honestly my favourite gift and i played with it all day. You can’t go wrong with buying a teenage boy an RC car or even an RC drone. A drone is definitely on my Christmas list this year.

7// Merchandise

I absolutely love getting merchandise for Christmas. My favourite artist is Ariana Grande and every christmas i get a pile of Ariana Grande merchandise without fail and i absoloutely love it. Find out the persons favourite artists and buy them their merchandise. Some ideas are:

  • Calendar
  • Mug
  • Clothing
  • Posters
  • CD’s
  • Key-rings

8//Chocolate and Sweets

Food is one of the best gifts that a teenage boy could get on Christmas day. Lots of chocolate and lots of sweets. A good idea is to get the person a whole tub of their favourite haribos. You can pick them up from Amazon for about £8 or you can probably pick them up from your local candy stores for about £5.

There you have it. 8  different gift ideas. I hope that this blog post helps you find the perfect gift for the teenage boy you need to buy for. If you have any questions, ask away in the comments below and also comment and let me know if you buy any of these things.




  1. Some good little ideas there, my brother is in his teens so I can take some inspiration from this post on gifts for him 🙂 x

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